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Yearbook 1997

Singapore. On January 2, general elections were held to Parliament. The ruling People's Action Party (PAP), with Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong as its leader, won 81 of the 83 seats in Parliament's only chamber. In fact, even before the election, the party's victory was clear, as the opposition (Workers' Party) was running with counter-candidates to only 36 of the 83 parliamentary seats. However, this did not prevent the Prime Minister from describing the exit as a popular rejection to Western-oriented liberal democracy. According to Countryaah, PAP has been ruling since 1959.

1997 Singapore

In a lawsuit against one of the opposition leaders JB Jeyaretnam in mid-August, his defense attorney accused PAP's leadership of using the justice system to effectively silence all opposition to the government. Jeyaretnam was consenting to the right to have insulted in a election speech the Prime Minister and several of his government colleagues. Ministers had claimed the equivalent of SEK 1 million in damages. The court ruled in their favor, but Jeyaretnam's damages were reduced to the equivalent of SEK 100,000.

Singapore was one of the countries in Southeast Asia that was affected by stock market crashes and currency falls during the latter half of the year. The economic turmoil in this part of the world continued at the turn of the year and had little impact on the entire world economy.

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