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Yearbook 1997

Oman At the end of July, the telecommunications group Ericsson received an order from General Telecommunications Organizations in Oman, worth SEK 158 million. According to Countryaah, the order means that Ericsson will expand the mobile phone network in the capital Muskat.

1997 Oman

On October 16, elections were held for Oman's consultative council (Majlis ash-shura), which has been around since 1992. 51,000 electors, including 10% women, selected 164 people from a list of 736 candidates. In December, Sultan Qabus ibn Said Al Said appointed the council's 82 members among these 164 people. The choice was unique to the Arab Gulf states because of its relative openness to women (of the 736 candidates, 27 were women). However, the powers of the Council are limited. It can give advice on economic and social issues, but does not pass laws or comment on foreign policy issues.

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