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Yearbook 1997

Moldova. According to Countryaah, Petru Lucinschi was installed as president on January 15 after the victory in the November/December 1996 elections. The next day he appointed Ion Ciubuc as prime minister.

1997 Moldova

Also in the breakaway region of the Dnestre Republic, a presidential installation took place when Igor Smirnov January 10, after being re-elected in December 1996, was installed for a second period.

The newly elected presidents held a meeting in early January to discuss the resumption of negotiations on the future relations between the M. and the Dnestre Republic. The talks had been down since the summer of 1996, when then-Moldovan President Mircea Snegur had refused to sign a diplomatic note on normalizing relations between the parties.

In April, there was a breakthrough in the talks between Moldova and representatives of the Dnestre Republic, led by Russian Foreign Minister Yevgenej Primakov as mediator. It was decided to sign the diplomatic note on normalization, which was then implemented by Presidents Petru Lucinschi and Igor Smirnov in Moscow on May 8. Russian President Boris Yeltsin and his Ukrainian colleague Leonid Kuchma signed on as guarantors.

Many assessors regarded the note as a breakthrough, even though it contained no other commitments to the parties than to continue the talks "within the framework of a state." Nor does the note say anything about what constitutional status should finally be granted to the Dnestre Republic.

In mid-October, the two parties agreed on a number of "confidence-building measures" to further improve relations between them. The measures include mutual monitoring of troop movements in the security zone between the M. and the Dnestre Republic and a reduction in this zone. On November 10, Prime Minister Ciubuc and President Smirnov signed an agreement on increased economic and social cooperation between the parties.

At the beginning of November, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) confirmed its intention to postpone the last installment of a loan it granted to Moldova. The reason was that the Moldova government failed to meet the financial goals required for the loan.

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