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Yearbook 1997

Kazakhstan. On March 1, President Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a decree requiring foreign investors to be tax-exempt in whole or in part during the first five years of operations in Kazakhstan.

1997 Kazakhstan

A few days later, the president decided on a major reorganization of the government. Several ministries were abolished, including the Ministry of Petroleum and Gas. According to Countryaah, the measure strengthened State Secretary Achmetzhan Jesimov's power at the expense of then-Prime Minister Akezjan Kazjegeldins. Jesimov was also appointed head of the newly formed State Investment Committee, with the task of supporting direct investment in K.

A new language law entered into force on July 16. According to this, Kazakh is the official language, while Russian has equal status in state organizations and in some schools (colleges and vocational schools).

On August 23, the National Security Committee released former Prime Minister Akezjan Kazjegeldin from charges of corruption. It was in November 1996 that Kazjegeldin and several other government officials of the mayor of Alma-Ata were accused of illegally transferring government money to foreign bank accounts.

Despite the acquittal, on October 10, President Nazarbayev dismissed Prime Minister Kazhegeldin and his government. Nurlan Balgymbajev, head of the state oil company, was appointed new head of government. The official reason for Kazjegeldin's departure was stated to be poor health. Several of the key figures from the Ministry of Kazakhstan received important posts in the new government as well.

In mid-October, it was announced from the presidential residence that the official move from Alma-Ata to the new capital Akmola had been postponed until December 10. The reason was that a monitoring commission had discovered deficiencies in Akmola that needed to be addressed before moving in.

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