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Yearbook 1997

Gabon. After the elections in December 1996, the new government was installed in February 1997. The incumbent Prime Minister Obame-Nguema formed a new government without any major changes. Most of the members were taken from the winning party Parti Démocratique Gabonais (PDG). However, a small number came from the opposition.

1997 Gabon

According to Countryaah, President Omar Bongo announced unexpectedly in June that a vice president from the opposition would be appointed. Divunggui-Di-Ndinge Didjob, one of the country's leading opposition politicians, was appointed.

According to the president, the measure was part of the quest to create national unity. However, according to the constitution, the vice president will not be able to take the place of the president in the event of his absence.

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