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Yearbook 1997

Fiji. On July 25, President Mara wrote during the long-awaited law on constitutional change. The bill passed by the Law Council in early July had been presented by Prime Minister Rabuka in May, on the tenth anniversary of the two military coups that shook the country in 1987. The new constitution gives the country's large Indian population greater political power by increasing its influence in Parliament and by enabling, for example, an Indian to become Prime Minister. According to Countryaah, Prime Minister Rabuka expressed the hope that the constitutional change should also make it possible for Fiji. to rejoin the Commonwealth, from which he was excluded after the 1987 military coups.

1997 Fiji

In August, Prime Minister Rabuka made an extensive government reform. With it, among other things, two members of the opposition Fijian Association Party (FAP) seat in the government, among them the president's son Finau Mara. The conversion did not mean that some ethnic Indians joined the government.

Fiji - Suva


Suva, capital of Fiji; 85,300 residents (2012). Located on the south coast of the main island of Viti Levu, Suva. Is the country's largest city and port as well as its administrative and commercial center. The city has also become a major tourist center. In Lathala Bay just east of Suva there are universities.


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