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Burkina Faso

Yearbook 1997

Burkina Faso. In January, the National Assembly adopted a number of constitutional changes. These included the repeal of the rules that hitherto limited the president's eligibility to two seven-year terms. The opposition opposed this because it viewed the measure as an attempt to extend the incumbent President Blaise Compaore's reign. Furthermore, it was decided to increase the number of members of the National Assembly from 107 to 111.

1997 Burkina Faso

According to Countryaah, general elections were held on May 11. President Blaise Compaoré's ruling Social Democratic Party The Congress for Democracy and Le Progress (CDP) increased its majority by winning 97 of the 111 seats. Compaoré appointed a new government where Kadré Désiré Ouédraogo retained the Prime Minister's post, which also allowed several of the old government's other ministers to hold office.

In March, a military exercise was held in Burkina Faso, which in addition to the host country included Benin, Togo and France. Over 4,000 soldiers participated in the exercise, which was part of a military agreement between the three participating African states and the former colonial power of France.

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