2016 TREND ALERT: Tight Turtlenecks for Warm and Chic Look

If there’s one thing I love, it’s the comings and goings of fashion. For this autumn/winter, the novelty is the Turtleneck.


In this chilly weather, there’s nothing better than warm and stylish and, if there’s a piece that’s capable of uniting these questions is the sweater with Turtleneck, known in fashion like Turtleneck.

The coolest thing about this piece is the possibility of playing with overlays, generating a series of combinations, with vests, coats, dresses, jackets … Anyway, the cold ends by opening an infinite range of options and the Turtleneck is a key piece to this station.

According to digopaul.com, the Turtleneck lengthens the silhouette causing the feeling that the people who use them have longer torso as it follows the line of the neck, being an excellent option for the little ones too.

To inspire them, I separated a number of looks to anyone making a mistake in time to mount the production.

The novelty here is that modeling also came in his “hot” version, with lighter fabrics, without sleeves, cropped and adapted to the climate of our hemisphere.

Therefore, as soon as the temperatures drop (or not), if you have a play with Turtleneck, you can take and use without fear and be happy, because the tip here is to stay warm and DIVA!

And then … Who is taking a risk on this trend?