11 Reasons Why The That Chiara Ferragni If Deserves a Great Cover of Fashion

Chiara Ferragni is the girl of the moment, this week we have known his first cover for the magazine Vogue (Spain). But what is it that makes it special than others? Are many reasons that his victory has become so obvious, but many people they have shown their lack of interest by it and not understand the reason that an important header choose it as absolute protagonist.

And although Vogue He has joined the truck in that teach the blogger at home (already it has featured covers with Grazia, Marie Claire, Madame Figaro, etc.), this is the most important so far. That is why today we want to show 11 reasons Why salad if it deserves a cover page.

1. its success started it from 0

It is not a daughter of… or anything like that. Everything has worked him over the years, and its only success owes it to herself and to the people with whom he is surrounded (Riccardo pozzoli one of them).

2 shows the trends of the moment

His style may like more or less, but it is undeniable that it looks all the trends of the moment. One of the past? The seventies roll with full of fringe suede miniskirt.

3. all firms want to have it

There is no firm that refuses to cooperate with it. From Louis Vuitton, to handle and ending with Styligion. I like everyone and that is seen in his professional career.

4 drag millions of fans

Instagram account has more than 3.4 million followers, while in more than 1 million Facebook. The repercussion that has is immediate and extreme.

5. the goose that lays the golden eggs

Everything he touches becomes gold. For a company that is profitable, as ensures success with her by his side.

6 it is a product that reinvents itself

First was the blog, most evening created a signature shoe to start collaborating with other firms. Chiara Ferragni is a product that reinvents itself and each month surprised with something new.

7 million of profits it generates

It is estimated that his fortune exceeds 8 million euros achieved in less than 5 years. Is bad, isn’t it?

8. the first blogger to enter Forbes

It has been the first blogger to enter in the Forbes list of the 30 young people under 30 in amassing a good fortune.

9 makes us dreaming of film trips

His trips to tropical, exotic or romantic places make us dream from our desktop (and it puts us long teeth at the same time).

10. a business model to follow

TBS Crew is a company that should be taken into account when it comes to assemble your own. So much so that he has already served as a case study at Harvard.

11 create a morbid hooking

Although we find ourselves in the soup, his style like less or you just hating, the truth is that all its achievements create a strange curiosity. Who is going, what or which is put at the end just for your interest.

Do you seem sufficient reasons?